Bawabu: Symbol of the Same Gender Loving Movement

22 08 2010

The mid-1990s marked the height of the Same Gender Loving Movement, a time when men and women of African decent adopted this identifier as an alternative to “gay.” The movement is attributed to the work of Cleo Manago, an advocate for self-identification, HIV prevention and health promotion, and community building. SBC (a black gay publication by noted author Stanley Bennett Clay, currently out of print), shared a photograph of the Bawabu, the “official” symbol of the Same Gender Loving movement.

If I recall, there was a contest for entries. The article showcased the designer, as well as information about the symbol. [I would love to get a copy of the original magazine, or the entire collection. I lost the original nearly 12 years ago while a student at the University of Michigan. Fortunately, I scanned the image to hang on my dorm room wall, and had it ever since.]

Please add any missing details to this important history.