Support the Archivists Society, ‘Needs’ List

3 09 2010

Over the past few weeks, several people have asked how they could support the work and vision of the Archivists Society.  I have developed a list of items/resources that would really provide help in preserving and exhibiting the collections.

The Archivists Society could really use:

  • Document Boxes (assorted sizes)
  • Archival File Folders (letter size)
  • Melinex Sleeves (assorted sizes)
  • Sheets of Archival Paper
  • High Capacity Photo Boxes
  • Record Storage Cartons
  • Drop-Front Boxes (assorted sizes)
  • All-Stabilio Pencils
  • Pairs Cotton Gloves
  • Label Holders with Inserts
  • Scanner
  • Printer

In order to be effective in preserving, products should be acid-free and meet other specifications to ensure the longevity of the materials. Visit Family Archives for more information on their products and get an idea of the types of materials and resources that are most helpful.

Please consider adding to the Archivists Society. Every little bit helps. Contact Kevin Trimell Jones for additional information and to make a contribution.




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