RIP Robert K. Burns: friend, brother, fighter

8 12 2011

RIP Robert K. Burns

This morning, I learned of the death of our community leader, my brother and our fellow co-labourer, Robert K. Burns. He passed around 4:30am, surrounded by his friends and fellow members of the House of Blahnik.

Robert served the Philadelphia community by being a voice for many. He often echoed the call and sounded the horn on why we must lower HIV rates and remain community-minded throughout the stuggle.  I first learned of Robert K. Burns when I picked up one of his vogue-beat CDs over eight years ago, long before he and I would later become friends and “neighbors” in Philadelphia [and while I never joined a house or even vogued in public, I still “vogue down” when any of those songs from that CD come on my playlist]. Accepting that death is a functional part of life is reality. Accepting Robert’s passing is sobering.  Love and prayers to his family and the COLOURS organization.

Here’s more on Robert’s life:

PGN Family Portrait:

Kevin Trimell Jones

December 8, 2011





7 responses

8 12 2011
Danielle Monique

Life is short!

8 12 2011
Sherman Cotton

The Legendary, beat spinning, DJ Robbie Rob. Through your music you touched the souls of many, and will live on forever. Lost but not forgotten, R.I.P.

8 12 2011
Gregory Scott

Its like when he was on the spinners he took control of me….like on everything..

8 12 2011
John Chapman

WOW!!! that was a BEAUTIFUL triobute to him Kevin!!! i knew him well and I, like yourself, never publicly vogued, but purchased many a cd from him to enjoy in the confines of my home. You will be sorely missed, Rob, but God has other plans for you now, for your work here is complete!!!! Rest in peace, my friend and I’ll see you at the crossroads.

8 12 2011
Jamal Harrington

I am at a lost of words. Robert was a cool dude to me and we had much love for each other. To hear of his passing has really shocked me. Words can not explain. God bless

8 12 2011
C Winter Han

kevin – thank you for writing this. i am still speechless…

12 12 2011
Adam R. Mitchell

I am indeed very hurt to learn of his passing. Mr. Burns has been a very strong supporter of Kappa Psi Kappa Fraternity Inc. I will never forget attending a conference held in Washington Washington DC by NIH in which we both represented as leaders of our respective organizations. I am really shocked to learn of his passing.

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