Getting Involved

The Black LGBT Archivists Society of Philadelphia is interested in expanding its vision to collect, preserve and exhibit Black LGBT history. Here are a few ways that you can help.

  • Donate or loan your artifacts. We are interested in collecting photographs, time period clothing, newspaper articles, organizational brochures, videos, love letters, etc.—anything that details the personal and/or community history of Black LGBT individuals in Philadelphia. From time to time, we will post information on upcoming exhibits (and ideas for future exhibits, as well as ways to contribute your items). Remember: history is a collection of multiple stories. Won’t you add your story?
  • Donate your time. We need your help to identify names of people and places in photographs and other archival material. As often as you can, add your comments to blog posts–especially the photographs.
  • Have you considered the items on the Archivists Society’s “Need’s List?” Click here.
  • Share your talents. The Archivists Society would like to create a website, marketing materials, online exhibits and videos, and a few traveling exhibition pieces. We envision a board of directors, 501c(3), volunteers and paid staff. How about a museum in Philadelphia dedicated to Black LGBT History?

If there are other ways that you would like to help, please contact Kevin Trimell Jones.

2 responses

11 10 2010

Interested in sharing my time and talent with your organization.

1 06 2011
Stanley Bennett Clay

Keep up the good work!


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