George and Robert (would like ) to attend UArts in Philly, but need our help.

18 08 2010

I recently came across a post about two you men who are interested in attending college but are $5000 short for their first semester. Check out the the post from their blog, which I’m posting here. If you have the heart to help, please do so.

George Jones and Robert Craddock have both been accepted to the dance program at the University of the Arts. Their tuition is covered but they each still have an outstanding balance of $5000 for this first semester. They’ll be able to secure a housing situation that will enable them to cover outstanding expenses for the second semester.

In their own words…

George Jones:
George was born into a family of 12 and was adopted into another home at the age of 4. He has experienced and witnessed a lot of family hardship, but has worked past them to become the president of Central High’s senior class, maintain a consistently high GPA, and self-teach himself in modern dance to the point where he was accepted on scholarship to the U of the Arts. It is truly miraculous what George has been able to accomplish artistically with very little to no formal dance training.

George has not only excelled individually through his academic work and artistry, but has also established himself as a highly visible and effective leader in Newak. George has courageously spoken out for LGBTQ youth issues in the community, been the youth voice in educational reform meetings in the city, and was the central figure in organizing the nationally covered school walk out in Newark to protest state wide cuts in the public schools.Â

Robert Craddock:

Robert Craddock was raised by his grandparents in East Orange, NJ. His grandparents stepped in to take care of him when he was 3 when his father abandoned him and when his mother wasn’t able to take care of up. Growing up without friends or family he had nothing to turn to, he spent most of his childhood alone. Ever since elementary school he was exposed to the arts but it wasn’t until 8th grade when he began to dance. Over the years dance has become a way for him to let out all of the frustrations of life, and that’s when dance became something very important in his life. Dance is his passion, his escape, his identity, dance is who he is. Since the 9th grade Robert has always had a dream to go to the UArts. This became his dream school because he became fascinated with their artistic environment and the education they had to offer. After 4 years of high school he finally auditioned for UArts and was accepted but there’s one thing that may keep him from going. Financially he is not able to afford to go. He is $5000 short and he has tried everything he can possibly do but nothing has come his way. UArts is a place where he would like to call home for his college experience and if there is anything you can do to help him it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

Both young men say that dance saved their lives.

If you would like to donate (any contribution would be helpful) to help George and Robert realize their academic and artistic goals, please email Aimee Cox at

They need to enroll by Monday, August 22nd!!!

Aimee Cox and Darnell Moore

Please click here if you can help.