Community Champ Chris Collins and Many Men, Many Voices

17 08 2010

If you’re in Philadelphia, PA, you have probably met or observed Chris Collins in action. In addition to the many hats that he wears, he’s an HIV/AIDS prevention warrior, tester and counselor at the Mazzoni Center.

He’s currently recruiting men for a weekend workshop at a retreat center outside of Philadelphia (from 9/10/10 to 9/12/10). The workshop, Many Men Many Voices (3MV for short), helps men examine themselves through sharing while learning HIV prevention strategies. Its also a time for relaxation and socialization. And, its free. You must be under the age of 24 years to participate.

There is an orientation meeting scheduled for August 26, 2010 @ the Mazzoni Center, located on 21 South 12th Street, 8th floor, from 4pm- 5pm.

For more information, dial (215) 563-0652.