Introduction: The 5 W’s of The Archivists Society

17 08 2010

Thank you for visiting the Black LGBT Archivists Society of Philadelphia.  Please visit of us weekly to view items from our standing collection and for information on our upcoming events. The 5 W’s of the Archivists Society shares more about us, our work, and ways that you can get involve. Please enjoy.

Who: In some ways, we are all archivists. We collect information. We store important dates. We place photographs in scrap books. We maintain our social and sexual networking sites.

The Archivists Society attempts to bring together individuals who have some level of interests in archiving different aspects of Philadelphia’s Black LGBT history.

What: The Archivists Society provides opportunities and lessons on how to create, exhibit and preserve items of historical significance.

To this date, the Archivists Society has collected over 950 artifacts: photographs, writings, period clothing, trophies, films and videos, songs, organizational fliers, etc.

When: As an ambitious goal, the Archivists Society attempts to document the presence of Black LGBT communities and their contributions from the beginning of Philadelphia’s history to its future.

The Archivists Society was founded in March 2007.

Where: Philadelphia has a rich history. Beneath its layers are the remarkable contributions of its Black LGBT communities, making Philadelphia an important site for these types of historical explorations.

Since the inception of the organization, it has exhibited these important artifacts in seven different venues in Philadelphia.

The Archivists Society’s standing collection is stored in a private location in Philadelphia, PA. The immediate goal is to find a location, place, or organization to safely and effectively house its collection.

Why: The health and vitality of a community is often told through its history. Before this history is told by others, its must be written by the community. The Black LGBT Archivists Society of Philadelphia attempts to engage individuals in this important process.